Our horses

donated and loaned by the RCMP and our supporters


Kindly donated by
Jim and Ellen Downey

Bubba says:
I am the baby of the program. I love my job, and I pride myself on always being very kind and sweet. When things are going well in a lesson, I wrinkle my nose like a bunny. I like to play with the big ball in the arena which makes the kids laugh.
The kids say:
I got silly, and then Bubba got silly. It was great!


Kindly donated by
Larkin Ridpath

Carusso says:
I may be the slowest horse in the program, but I teach the kids patience and perserverance. Once a kid has the confidence to trot, look out. I can still muster some of my old dressage moves from the past that will blow their minds. I even cantered with a kid once and we were both pretty proud.
The kids say:
Carusso taught me to never give up!


Kindly loaned by
Barb Nettleton

Flash says:
After 12 years in the program, I retired in 2014. However, I still come out for special occassions. I do miss the kids and spending time with my favourite volunteer, Wayne. I was always the one who looks after the most nervous kid in the lesson and worked hard to build their confidence. By the end of the sessions, I would have them riding like John Wayne! When I was younger, I didn't like anyone brushing my mane and tail, but once the kids came I would let them—and only them—do it.
The kids say:
I can do anything when I am riding Flash!


Kindly donated by
Bob Rose

Kody says:
I think that I am the smartest, best looking horse in the program. I am very brave with the kids in the program but not so much with the other horses in the field! I love it when the kids talk to me during our lessons. It makes me feel very special.
The kids say:
Kody taught me to leave my issues at the door. He is such a great mirror of my feelings.


Kindly loaned by the
RCMP Musical Ride Program

Kracker says:
I once pulled a carriage for Her Majesty the Queen and taught hundreds of new RCMP recruits how to ride. I believe my new role as a program horse is by far the most important work I have ever undertaken. I sure do love my new job! I now get way more hugs and kisses than I did before, and I love to flap my lips to show how happy I am.
The kids say:
Kracker has a way of making me feel very safe. He always seems happy which makes me happy, even if I was having a bad day before.


Kindly loaned by the
RCMP Musical Ride Program

Matt says:
You may have seen me before when I was part of the Musical Ride travelling all around the world. I enjoyed performing, but I didn't like travelling so much. I love my new home where I can stay forever. Even though I walk really fast, the kids trust me and I keep the volunteers very fit!
The kids say:
I am so freaked out that I get to ride a real police horse. I never though the police would just give us a horse and we could ride it. Matt rocks!


Kindly donated by the
RCMP Musical Ride Program

Rocamo says:
Rocamo stands for Royal Canadian Mounted. I'm the newest and tallest addition to the Youthdale Riding Program. I've toured all of North America with the RCMP Musical Ride. I love the kids and am always happy to see them. I reach my long neck down to eye level and reassure the kids that even though I am a giant, I have a heart to match my size. I'm steady and gentle to ride and am very careful with my riders, often turning my head around to see them when I am standing still.
The kids say:
At first I was scared as he is so big, and when you get on, the ground seems far away. It is easy after a while though, and I forgot about his size. He seems to take care of me, and is so gentle. He looks like he is from a story book.